Whether you are composing music or want to listen to your favorite songs in a high fidelity novel you need a high class audio system. Studio monitors can help you with this. Which are the important aspects when choosing a set of studio monitors? The first thing you need to consider is where you will place the speaker set, in which room of your home. Each room has its own particularities, and among them are acoustics. Each room has its own particularities, and among them are acoustics. We can tell you that the spectrum of a normal power when listening to music starts at 40 W and varies up to 200 W. How you will perceive the sound depends very much on how you position the speakers and where you place them in the room. Another important factor is the frequency spectrum that the system can cover. The human ear can hear the frequency range between – 20 and + 20,000 Hz. An audio system that has a level margin between these values ​​is a good choice. Just to give you an idea of ​​what buyers choose these days , we present some of the best-selling studio monitors on Amazon.

The reviews speak for themselves! The only true studio monitor for multimedia, gaming, watching movies, or producing your next hit. Studio-quality industrial design. They look as great as they sound. Protection: RF interference, output-current limiting, over-temperature, turn-on/off transient. 3.5-Inch woven composite drivers produce a more powerful bass response with a more accurate overall sound. The only monitors in their class with acoustic tuning. This enables you to get pristine sound quality in any room. Crossover frequency: 2.8 kHz. Stereo aux input, headphone jack, volume, and power on/off are located on the front panel for your convenience.

Studio-quality design, sound and performance ideal for multimedia creation and entertainment. Professional-grade components for optimized sonic performance.1/8 inches to stereo RCA cable to connect computer output to speakers. Ultra-wide frequency range perfect for full-range multimedia (80 Hz – 20 kHz). Choose which side of your desk gets the volume knob with CR3’s convenient speaker placement switch. Convenient front panel volume knob with lit power ring gives you on/off/volume control and power indication where you need it. Plug your smartphone or other source right into the front of the speakers and listen instantly.

The original first generation of the legendary JBL Professional 3 series Studio Monitors. The impressive performance of the 3 Series Reference Monitors is the result of JBL’s development of its flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor. Room-Friendly: This means you don’t have to be right in front of the speakers to make accurate adjustments to your mix. Broad Sweet Spot: 3-Series speakers deliver neutral sound across an unusually large working space regardless of room acoustics. Flexible connectivity with balanced XLR and 1/4″ TRS inputs, +4dBu / -10dBV input-sensitivity switch and adjustable volume control.

Front-loaded bass reflex system, The dm-40 S 4-inch fiberglass woofers output a strong punchy bass from the front, while grooves on the ducts reduce air friction. The DM-40 ¾-inch soft dome tweeters are fitted with Deco convex diffusers that channel High frequencies in every direction so you can enjoy 3D stereo sound wherever you sit or stand. Class AB amplifiers deliver a crisp sound with low distortion, the tweeter and woofer are perfectly aligned to eliminate crossover and ensure a well-balanced response across the frequencies. Rca and stereo mini jack inputs are located on the back to easily connect to your DJ or production kit.

Studio reference monitors for critical audio production listening in small spaces. Super-near-field design puts the sweet spot right at your ears on a typical desk. DESKTOP/SHELF switch adapts response for superior sound from any speaker placement. Extended frequency response from 45 Hz – 20 kHz delivers surprising bass response *Advanced digital crossover and careful time alignment for precise stereo imaging.  class D power amps and 50W RMS for punchy low end and impressive volume.Total output power (both speakers)- 70W (peak) – 50W RMS.Low frequency output power (single speaker)- 18W RMS. High frequency output power (single speaker)- 7W RMS. Built-in limiter prevents distortion and speaker damage at maximum volume. Perfect for home & project studios, or use on the go.

Professional grade 5“ (bi-amp) studio monitor designed and engineered in the USA. 5” matching woofer and 1” tweeter made with Kevlar. Built-in efficient Class D power amp. Proprietary speaker drivers built in-house from the ground up. Onboard LCD visual dsp-driven E.

Rockville APM8 8″ 2-Way 500 Watt Active USB Studio Monitor Speakers in White (Pair). RMS: 250 Watt. Two-Way Active Studio Monitor Speaker System. Quad Amp Design: Each Driver Features Frequency Specific Independent Amplifiers. The enclosure is 0.5″ thick while the front board of it is a full 1″ thickness to give you the ultimate best sound quality! Comes in 3 enclosure finish options Wood finish painted black. Wood finish painted white. Wood finish with vinyl front board. Full Range Class “D” Amplifier Circuitry with Auto-Switching Power Supply. LED Power on Indicator on Rear Panel. Ferro Fluid Enhanced 1.5″ Neodymium Silk Dome Tweeter With Metal Grill Protection. Tweeter has 1″ voice coil diameter. 110 Volt compatible with SMPS technology. Every Speaker in Production Undergoes a Computer Generated Sound Check Test to Ensure it Upholds to our Specifications and Standards. We use a “6Sigma” style Quality Assurance of Each Product. Transducer Production Line to Make the SPL Performance Stable.One Complete Pair with Mater/Salve Output Connection with Included Noise Rejection Cabling.Includes a noise rejection cable to connect the 2 speakers together.The cable locks in secure & tight.

Separate high-and low-frequency drivers with crossover;40 per channel output power – 80W total. 5-inch low-frequency driver in ported enclosure delivers rich, tight bass; 1-inch silk dome tweeter provides smooth, clear highs. High-density wood cabinets suppress unwanted resonances; Carefully formed baffle radiuses reduce edge diffraction. Elliptical tweeter waveguide optimizes dispersion and stereo imaging. Dedicated subwoofer output for use with virtually any powered subwoofer.

This Bundle contains : (2) Pioneer DJ Bulit8 Active Reference 8-Inch Monitor – Black & (2) Strukture SMC20 XLR to XLR Cable 20ft. Quality audio For maximum audio performance, increased bass output, and reduced unwanted resonance, each speaker utilizes a highly rigid medium density fiberboard (MDF) for its enclosure and bass reflex ducts. To optimize sound quality and reliability, the woofers are made with aramid fiber cones and soft dome tweeters infused in magnetic fluid. Class AB bi-amp A highly efficient Class AB amplifier drives the speakers in a bi-amp configuration to power the tweeters and woofers separately. Groove technology To improve airflow through the port of the enclosure, the port hole was engineered with grooves to help direct the sound waves smoothly. The technique decreases standing waves from the mouth of the port, resulting in smooth bass and mid-bass output with more impact. Convex diffuser Matching the bass output of the speakers, the soft dome tweeters are set in the center of a convex diffuser optimizing output and dispersing the sound energy in both left and right directions for wider imaging. For a cool cosmetic look, the diffuser illuminates in white when the speakers are powered on.

Limited-edition JBL 305MkII featuring artwork by “Design My JBL” contest winner, Los Angeles musician and visual artist Elliott Baker, a.k.a. Crystal Ghost. Theme inspired by the artist’s fascination with “Dream Transportation Ghosts, ” fleeting beings that bring us dreams and inhabit a layer just behind our subconscious. Exclusive series available only at Amazon.com. MkII series features next-generation JBL transducers, new Boundary EQ, and a sleek new design. Updated HF and LF transducers: new design improvements result in optimized damping for superior transient response and impressive deep bass with lower harmonic distortion. New boundary EQ: restores neutral low frequency response when speakers are placed on the work surface and adjacent to walls. Sleek, modern design provides a dramatic flair to any studio.

Frequency response: 49 Hz – 22 kHz. Polarity: Positive signal at + input produces outward LF one displacement. Input impedance: 20 k ohms balanced, 10 k ohms unbalanced Input sensitivity: 85 mV pink noise input produces 90dBA output SPL @ one meter with volume control at maximum (101dB Max SPL). Power: 115V ~50/60 Hz or 230V~50/60 Hz user switchable. Protection: RF interference, output current limiting, over temperature, turn-on/off transient, subsonic filter, external mains fuse.

High-performance drivers and mounting system. Large magnets in an advanced magnetic circuit design. Dedicated power amps are perfectly matched to the woofer and tweeter. Enclosure is designed to kill unwanted resonances that can influence sound. Room Control and High Trim response controls give you optimum response in any room. Noise Reduction Technology.Speaker port design can greatly influence the clarity of overall sound. Controls and Connectivity:HS Series full-range models feature two response controls with settings that allow them to adapt to the surface acoustics of rooms of varying shape and size. XLR and TRS phone jack inputs accept balanced or unbalanced signals. Speaker type: 2-way bi-amp powered studio monitor.

Reference monitor ideal for desktop recording or secondary monitoring in personal studios. 70 Watt custom bi-amped design delivers impressive sound from an ultra-compact enclosure. 4” custom high-efficiency low frequency driver for extended bass response. ¾” soft-dome ‘Poke-Resistant’ tweeter for detailed high frequency reproduction. Accurately tuned front-firing bass port allows near-wall placement and ensures optimal low frequency performance.

Professional Desktop Speaker System with 10W per channel output power (20W total) that delivers room filling sound – ideal for upgrading your current multimedia setup. Integrated 16-bit (48kHz) USB audio interface for non-nonsense, hassle-free recording. 3-inch aluminium low-frequency driver in ported enclosure delivers rich, tight bass. 1-inch silk dome tweeter provides smooth, clear highs and elliptical tweeter waveguide optimizes dispersion and stereo imaging. Bass Boost Switch – a perfect solution for nuisance room acoustics or simply energizing your listening experience.